A life once blue

Rediscovered anew

Your inner child

knows success’s overdue

The truth’s everywhere

But chosen by few

Only warrior souls

bravely disclose all

Copyright N E O McKenzie 2017


Kicked out from Newham academy of music

Cos I got a scholarship to go to Forest School in Snaresbrook

don’t know how my mother did it

4 kids, no dad, innit
Spent school holidays in West Ham park

Having a laugh

Swimming in Stratford baths
Trying not to get told off
No money but we all had plans

To get out of the East End and

Make it to the promised land

While other kids were outside scamming

We were inside crammin

My brother hit the decks

Now he’s DirtyCash jammin

Low key living

Humble but driven

I made it to the city

But bright city lights wasn’t for me

Tried to make my mother proud

But had to stay true to me
Confidence is everything in this industry

I lost mine at University

Black girl surrounded by ivory

Education ain’t always the key
Be who you are more importantly

A song reminiscing  on my ‘Real Housewives of Edinburgh’ Days 

Spend my days

In dull cafes

Eating cake

Sipping lattes

Long for more

Than household chores

Working out

And feeling bored

My head’s 

half dead

From all the beauty mags

I’ve read

Can’t stop

The rot


Fellings I’ve got

So I just wanna danca dance dance

To the beat of my electric heart

Don’t care what else is going on

dancing to my heartbeat song

I quit the housewife mafia

I’ll be fine alone

switched off my phone

doing my own thing

Need a different ring

Why be a wife

With no life

When there’s a funfilled path

Where you can dance to the beat of your electric heart

Hate the smell

Of his hotels

He’s not the only one cheating

While the kids and I are sleeping
Tired of all the tacky whores
Trying to get in my front door

They can’t seem to wait

To live the life I hate

Crying all day

Fading away

Scared to leave

Scared to stay

Afraid to sleep

My pain cuts deep

I just wanna danca dance dance

To the beat of my electric heart

Don’t care what else is going on

dancing to my heartbeat song

I quit the housewife mafia

Dull aspiration and fake grandeur

Why be a wife

That has no life

chose a different path

Now I dance to the beat of my electric heart

Not the only one

Amy’s come undone

Eva’s on the run

Layla’s husband’s gone

married life’s no fun

when loving him feels wrong

Electric heartbeat song

Copyright Nnena McKenzie June 2017

Can’t wait to record this song (which started as a rap before becoming something  else entirely). The melody I have in mind is upbeat and fun to contrast the lyrical content. Should have new songs (and visuals) on Soundcloud in July. 

Sometimes my thoughts can get twisted
I see you happy. 

I miss this
Things fall apart

When you open your heart

Hiding your heartache won’t fix this

Sometimes your friends are what save you 

Sometimes those friendships enslave you

To their hopes and dreams

They’re not what they seem

Betrayal’s a cathartic breakththrough
Cos it can take a year of falls

And crashing into every wall

Blocking that elusive path

Leading us to love’s life raft

Even if the water’s cold

And you’re feeling tired and old

What can seem a hopeless past

Can become a dream that lasts
So when you fall

Get up, stand tall

Be who you are
Rise up

Be a star

Everything costs

Live strong

Not lost

Everyone falls

Copyright Nnena McKenzie June 2017

Something I wrote after visiting Copenhagen last month . . .

Broken bottles in my path
Crushing childhood dreams was rough
Fantasies back then seemed daft
Praying my hard work pays off
Focused on the simplest task

I sweep ’em up
I take charge

and have the last laugh

And I just
Into rhymes I write
Into flames, I light
Into your dull life
All your stereotypes

My energy is dynamite
I forget the wrongs I write
Stay up late and dance all night
when everything is wrong turn right

Copyright Nnena McKenzie 2017


Setting up a business can be lonely.  Especially if you work from home without a sales team, business partner or life partner to bounce ideas off or tap for friendly advice.

There are good networking events out there but you need to do your home work. Avoid anything that claims an annual membership fee will mysteriously grow sales.  Try anything that allows you to attend on an event by event basis and has great guest speakers.  It’s up to you to make the most of networking opportunities as they present themselves by showing a genuine interest in others and thinking of ways to work productively either in partnership with them or at the very least leveraging their network and contacts to mutual advantage.  Expect to learn something, but don’t expect miracles.  You still need to apply yourself.

This morning’s breakfast briefing run by Fat Buzz and WeDO Scotland on blogging was well worth the £19.10 attendance fee.  I’ve been to these events before and they’re always well attended, great for networking (the central venue, Tiger Lilly, free coffee and bacon rolls ensures no one arrives late so there’s plenty of time to network with fellow attendees and talk to the speakers afterwards).

I blog because I enjoy it, but have also learnt that the process of blogging helps you learn about yourself, understand your audience and the industry you work in and disciplines you to keep up to date.  Blogging also unlocks hidden thoughts and ideas.

I’m no fan of interior design as an industry but I love creating interiors.  Where once I strived for perfection now I embrace doing things differently and going against the grain. If it doesn’t work it’s easy to fall back on standard design rules but often I come up with something unexpected, that’s better than anything I could have dreamed of.

I scour junk shops to find things I love because no ones making furniture or artwork that inspires or excites me.  I love classics because they lend themselves to experimentation.

So I was very excited when my Saudi Arabian lodger suggested I look up the American comic Fluffy on Youtube for his standup tour of Saudi Arabia, courtesy of a Saudi Prince.  Why? Because it inspired me to look at marketing my interior designs a little differently.

I’ve lost count of the number of times interior professionals and photographers have told me my interiors ideas would work well in London, Glasgow or anywhere but where I live in Edinburgh.  “Edinburgh only does timeless classics,” is something I hear all the time.  Georgian property lends itself to modern interior design, vintage classics and edgy, quirky touches so for me the timeless limitation is a missed opportunity.

I’m not sure whether a comic Youtube video on Edinburgh interior design would work.  But I’m willing to give it a try.  After all who needs another droll “How to make or solve an interior problem lecture”?  Far funnier to joke about the difficult business climate, the mistakes you’ve made long the way, the crazy things you’ve done to survive instead of an illusory perfection others struggle to relate to.

How we laughed when my friend opened her interiors shop, powder coated 6 reclaimed radiators only to discover there was no gas coming in.

How she cried when rectifying the problem cost several thousands of pounds leaving no money for stock.  The only reason she still has a business is because we literally raided our houses for items to sell until she made sufficient sales to place a decent Christmas order.  Small failings are the stuff of life.  Doing whatever it takes the new business reality.

Starting a business can be lonely.  Initial mistakes can be hilarious.   How better to gain an audience for your blog than sharing some of them? Everybody laughs at comic failures that make you who you are and somehow, in spite of everything, lead to well deserved success.


IMG_3190Mandarin Oriental Bar Knightsbridge_

I love this light, but haven’t figured out how best to market it.  Photography only just does it justice and I may need to do a Trade Show if the economy ever picks up and people start spending money on interiors again.

Douglas Gibb was the photographer.  You can see more of his work on her-indoors the blog written by his wife Alison, documenting his interior photography around the UK.  I’m also hoping to showcase the light at night thanks to a computer science student I met with a love of panoramic photography.  He’s in the middle of photographing the exterior and interior of the house but already the results are stunning.  I’ve no idea why estate agents don’t do this sort of photography as standard.  It gives a real sense of how interior space flows.  He’s back again this week to finish up.  Can’t wait to upload the finished results.


I love glimpses into other people’s lives.  Especially their interiors.  So when yesterday my friend Eva and I spent an exhilarating day in London enjoying lunch with friends on board The World I was in heaven.

There’s no denying the beauty and buzz of London.  Especially when you spend much of it on water with fabulous hosts, glorious weather and a wonderful group of friends.

Fun, quirky interiors inspire me and trump timeless elegance and formality every time.  Our hosts’ apartment was packed full of quirky, contemporary art and sculpture that made the space feel large despite being compact.  By far my favourite ornament was a large wooden painted penguin so realistic I half expected it to waddle in amongst us as we chatted before diving off the balcony to swim with friends.

I can only imagine the freedom such a lifestyle brings but am glad to see that art, design and friendship play a vital part in a liberating approach to life and business that happily accommodates many months at sea.

It’s refreshing meeting successful people who’ve taken a different approach.  To friendship, to living harmoniously with their soul mate, to balancing motherhood with work commitments, to business and relationships in general.  Taking a different approach takes confidence, something women often lack, so meeting brilliant, confident women and the men confident enough to be married to and do business with them was an invigorating delight.

Perhaps secretly we’re all pirates stealing moments of pleasure with our children, seeking love, adventure and work related riches that are ours for the taking if only we were brave enough to fight for what we need in life and the people we believe in.

I’ve not figured out how I’m going to create an interior styling business based in Edinburgh that works with international London clients but I’m more inspired and determined to than ever.

I met a very interesting gentlemen doing something different and exciting in high end property.  At the heart of his business model was putting client’s interest first and doing everything he could to satisfy clients’ commercial goals whilst surpassing the service offering of the traditional estate agency model.

It’s amazing how few businesses put client service at the heart of their business.  Those that do soon realize this not only leads to happy clients, but managed carefully, is a recipe for success.

Once lost, trust can rarely be recovered.  This is as true in business as it is in personal relationships.  Financial services learnt this the hard way, so it’s always interesting to meet people intelligent enough to seek reward for clients by eschewing outdated business models and doing things very differently.

As a child my mother always instilled the importance of writing thank you cards.  I had a truly wonderful time in London but as I sit here choosing a card to send my hosts, I can’t help wondering. “How do you send a thank you note to friends who live on board a boat?”



I need a holiday.  I need it now.  And aside from selling drugs, selling myself or going on holiday with my ex again I don’t care how I pay for it.

This morning I woke up all guns blazing.  My credit card bill alone was enough to shock me into action but freak sunshine and cold weather also played a part.

I have great survival instincts and love the ingenuity that goes with being an entrepreneur.  I also hate confinement, incarceration and sitting at a desk.

I’m always happiest on the move with few possessions. I loved the movie Heat because it stars 3 of my favourite actors chasing something that eludes them.  It also has a scene that encapsulates my life.  Particularly the line by Robert de Niro’s character . . .

“Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner” (Robert de Niro’s character, Heat).   

It’s tricky balancing that sentiment with young children who need me all the time.  In their loving adoring eyes I’m irreplaceable.  I fear for them daily and am well aware what they’ll become if I’m not around to remind them what’s important.  But I have to work when they’re not with me.  This is no simple case of Fight or Flight.  I need to find a way of doing both.

I’m used to making sacrifices.  But sacrifice in motherhood is different. I sacrificed a lot to be with their father but I could never be the woman who stayed for the sake of the children. I know my worth both as an individual and human being and won’t allow anyone to treat me daily as if I’m worthless.

I hate doing nothing.  Way too many people sit around in offices doing that already.  A good few more make serious money at it.  I spend whatever I make because I like the challenge of having it all to do over and over again.  Daily risks and challenges make me feel alive.  I’ve never wanted a marriage that offered certainty or forever especially if that certainty was financial security based on living and working for a financial services firm in Edinburgh for the rest of my life.

I don’t like risking my life, my sanity or my home. But I do like the idea of waking up every day feeling I have a new business and a new challenge even if I don’t have a new man.

Listening to Ranald MacDonald’s entrepreneurial advice on Jazz FM’s business hour I’m inspired by the words “Money follows great endeavour”.

I wrote the lyrics to this song on Saturday and am off to London on Wednesday to consider various options.

This week saw the publication of the Richest people in Sport and after worrying about my son’s pronouncement 2 weeks ago that I needn’t worry about money because “when we’re tennis stars we’ll buy you a house” I now think this isn’t as ludicrous a scenario as it sounds.

But having someone else buy a house that suits their needs not yours isn’t freedom.  It’s how I ended up with Woodlands, a place I’d dearly love to sell.  Beauty isn’t everything.  Freedom is.