A life once blue Rediscovered anew Your inner child knows success’s overdue The truth’s everywhere But chosen by few Only warrior souls bravely disclose all Copyright N E O McKenzie 2017 Advertisements Continue reading Reflections

Ebony not Ivory

Kicked out from Newham academy of music Cos I got a scholarship to go to Forest School in Snaresbrook don’t know how my mother did it 4 kids, no dad, innit Spent school holidays in West Ham park Having a laugh Swimming in Stratford baths Trying not to get told off No money but we … Continue reading Ebony not Ivory

Suicidal Housewife

A song reminiscing  on my ‘Real Housewives of Edinburgh’ Days  Spend my days In dull cafes Eating cake Sipping lattes Long for more Than household chores Working out And feeling bored My head’s  half dead From all the beauty mags I’ve read Can’t stop The rot worthless  Fellings I’ve got So I just wanna danca … Continue reading Suicidal Housewife


Sometimes my thoughts can get twisted I see you happy.  I miss this Things fall apart When you open your heart Hiding your heartache won’t fix this Sometimes your friends are what save you  Sometimes those friendships enslave you To their hopes and dreams They’re not what they seem Betrayal’s a cathartic breakththrough Cos it … Continue reading EVERYONE FALLS