Ebony not Ivory

Kicked out from Newham academy of music

Cos I got a scholarship to go to Forest School in Snaresbrook

don’t know how my mother did it

4 kids, no dad, innit
Spent school holidays in West Ham park

Having a laugh

Swimming in Stratford baths
Trying not to get told off
No money but we all had plans

To get out of the East End and

Make it to the promised land

While other kids were outside scamming

We were inside crammin

My brother hit the decks

Now he’s DirtyCash jammin

Low key living

Humble but driven

I made it to the city

But bright city lights wasn’t for me

Tried to make my mother proud

But had to stay true to me
Confidence is everything in this industry

I lost mine at University

Black girl surrounded by ivory

Education ain’t always the key
Be who you are more importantly