This week my children are a little out of sorts.  My son’s especially clingy and is generally seeking reassurance from his newborn little sister.  Whenever I attempt to leave the room he shouts “mummy I need you!” and whenever I sit down he climbs on my lap and bear hugs me until my ribs hurt.

Luckily I sent a ton of work to Juliana before the Easter holidays so only need the odd half hour to check her progress, advise on graphics and send links to copy I’ve already written.

I love the creative process and as well as advising on my website and offline marketing material, I’m advising on an interior as we speak.

It’s the most amazing space, with a myriad of rooms complete with fireplaces, curved walls and other quirky original features all in great condition but for some unexplained reason, lacking linger appeal.  Some rooms clients want to leave as soon as they enter. My challenge is to help the owner make dark rooms feel less cold and uninviting and create a cohesive experience for guests as they explore each room’s interior and ascend to the magnificent upper floor.

When it comes to commercial spaces there are no hard and fast rules.  The trick is to decide the mood or experience you want to create, and then find a colour scheme you like that draws people in, holds their curiosity long enough to drink in the atmosphere before encouraging them to take the next tantalizing bite of your interior commercial apple.

Because in life as with interiors people leave footprints on each other, as clear and deep as barefoot children running in the sand.  It takes a lot of courage to rise above those sodden ashes, start afresh, and try something new.  But for those courageous enough to take the plunge a new dawn and exciting possibilities await.

I stumbled across the quote “When nothing goes right, go left” on Pinterest and it inspired me to commission a neon quote that states “When nothing’s left, turn right”.  I figure it’s a fitting light reminder of this crossroads in my life.