. . . came here to party.  Hung up her shoes when she got the blues.

This week I feel inspired to get on track creatively and make dark stuff to sell in larger quantities.  I’ve always loved this part of manufacturing – working with creative artisans producing master samples that work as functional art and photographic samples from which to sell greater handmade quantities.  They may yet languish in my home as beacons of what might have been if only people bought my stuff shared my vision, but that’s the risk you take with making stuff.

I‘ve earned my brief creative break.  The first half of this week was spent repairing my self esteem dishwasher and my floors were joyously reunited with my hoover thanks to Veronica’s re-employment.

My latest dalliance in the design world is BBD – Black Barbie Designs.  I’m tempted to spell it Black Barby Desyns in homage to DesygnMe and as a verbal assault reference to my ex’s parting words  . . . “Find someone else to pay for you!”

I’ve always wanted to design under that name.  It’s catchy (no pun intended), fitting and perfectly describes what I’m selling – handmade industrial chic that shows battered needn’t mean broken.  That one man’s junk could be another’s treasure.  That pocket books can be repaired no matter how self deluded their overbearing master.

Along with chandeliers, I’m thinking barbed wire tealights, candleholders, pots and wire baskets, ornamental butterflies and twisted hearts that at first glance look a little battered but closer inspection reveals their strength, the bonds of wire ensuring inner vulnerability remains resolutely unbroken.

Time flies when you’re feeling hung having fun.

Black Barby