Last week I had dinner with a friend who used to work in advertising.  Keen for her reaction to my redesigned homepage I was nervous but excited. The accompanying flyer contained some of the best copy I’ve written. For 2 weeks I’d wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning and scribble down thoughts or hone ideas that needed work.

The result is being finalised by Juliana my graphic designer but there’s a sneek peek below.


There’s so much to do when you’re creating a brand.  The trick is to continually ask yourself “does my brand image ring true to my original idea . . . to what I’m actually selling?”  If the answer to that is “no” then you need a major rethink.  But if like me you feel your brand resonates with people then the trick is to always be doing something, even if you suspect it could be better.  Blogging, networking, creating leads, following them up, distributing flyers, refining marketing material, photographing your service, products, events and generally letting people know that you exist.  Websites can always be relaunched – postcards and flyers redesigned.

My strategy has always been to work with friends and artisans with similar creative passions and a “let’s build something profitable where everyone benefits” approach (as opposed to the “make me rich or get out of here” mentality that permeated every other place I’ve ever worked).

I haven’t watched Glengarry Glen Ross in years but I remember the the tag line on the video cover was “A story for anyone who works” .  Ultimately it was the daily grind and verbal abuse permeating every financial services property company throughout those aspirational decades that led me and others like me to finally quit the industry for good and create my own brand.

I’m tired of making other people rich.  I’m smart, articulate and hard working and whilst I’m happy to “Always Be Closing” for people I genuinely like, my ABC for NordicBLACK is:

About being who I am

Blogging dark interior thoughts that help inspire others

Collaborating with designers, artisans and creative business individuals

Shortly before re-entering the world of financial services two years ago I wrote some scenes for my own play “Work”.  It had a reading at the Traverse Theatre Words, Words, Words event in Edinburgh.  But I couldn’t bear didn’t have time to finish it.  Like Glengarry’s sorry salesmen, I too had to work. To pay off never ending bills and debts that still refuse to go away.

I can’t even think about the scary cost of raising children who spend each day demanding everything when all they really want is more of me.

Every day I write this blog.  Some days I write marketing material and on good days I write songs.  I help friends develop marketing strategies and critique their visual brand development.  The thing about dreams is . . . sometimes you have to wake up.