I’m often asked for advice on social media strategy, branding and visual identity by friends with creative businesses. NordicBLACK’s brand identity is strong but in business, as with interiors, there’s always room for improvement. Last week instead of blogging I spent each day refining my visual brand identity on pinterest, wordpress, facebook and twitter and spent a ton of time relaunching NordicBLACK’s website.  I’ve ruthlessly rewritten all the copy, tweaked my business card and created new postcards advertising Style School. I’m very excited about the results, especially the website launch which won’t be for a couple of weeks yet.

As always my graphic designer Juliana at’s doing all the hard work and we had a blast going over everything last Wednesday after I had a mini breakdown in the street dropped my kids off at school.

It’s exciting creating something on your own but important to keep in touch with what’s happening in the real world.  Never compromise your ideas, or expect everyone’s approval.  Keep in touch with other creatives, discover what resonates with friends and former colleagues whose opinion you respect and know will encourage your efforts whilst offering honest feedback.  Critical thinking, revision and refinement is what ensures your products, branding and service offering aren’t left out in the cold.  It’s been a tough winter for NordicBLACK. I expect an even tougher spring.