This morning as I get my children ready I confront the chaos that refuses to become a planned routine no matter what I do to orchestrate this.  My daughter sits fully dressed waiting patiently for me to polish her shoes, while my son is nowhere to be seen half dressed in his Pyjamas wondering why we ever have to leave let alone go to school.

Listening to alto saxophonist Soweto Kinch’s The Healing, my kids remind me of musicians in a jazz ensemble that wander off all over the place in improvised creative flourishes, a homage to their individual style and musical temperament, effortlessly reunited in a blitz of harmony after bars of competitive jarring and occasional discord.  Showing glimpses of the genius in their solo careers that are yet to come.

We always make it to school on time.  Somehow. And enjoy the chaos of each other’s madness company and excitement about meeting again at the end of the day.

I am late writing this blog.  And late for a photoshoot.  But not too late to watch my children flourish.

There are other similarities.  To Jazz.  And I realise my style of decorating interiors and vision for Nordic Black are rife with the duality that is everyone’s dichotomy of being.

We are one individual, of two parents, different cultures and ethnicities, seeking different ends to our beginnings, different paths to make our journey, alternating our partners in crime to best reflect and nurture the competitive genius in all of us that comes from lack of confidence.  Be it creative, technical, or financial success or failure that awaits us or the abyss of knowing we had every opportunity and yet did nothing with our lives.