Every business needs a brand.  Every brand needs good photography.  A resonating tag line helps but in a visual age it’s brand image and word of mouth that counts.  Noone believes what they read any more.  But they still believe what they see and what trusted sources tell them.

Today I started my search for an interiors photographer.  I’ve mocked up an ad, written the copy and am in the process of choosing a magazine to advertise.

Interiors are tricky things to shoot.  Especially when your target market’s aspirational men too busy working to read magazines or decorate their interiors.

Then there’s the subject matter – a fern that’s clearly seen better days, upcycled vintage lighting shot in a dark, north facing room.

As a former copyrighter I didn’t struggle too much on that front, but choosing an image is proving difficult.  I also have to make my blog, website, business card and advert one seamless entity.

Life would be so much simpler if I just had a shop. But not half as entertaining.