Five years standing at my kitchen bar whilst kids or guests perch opposite me on stools and I’ve finally given in and bought a sofa.  It wasn’t cheap and looks magnificent.  I rearranged a sofa in my living room to test the space before ordering this Whytock & Reid reupholstered vintage beauty having convinced myself the kids and I deserve a treat after the upheaval we’ve endured.

It’s been a joy to watch them play or read curled up beside me as I cook or work from home.  Hard to believe 2 years ago I commuted weekly to London to work in the City to escape a partner who didn’t want me but was scared to let me go.

I’m often reminded of the Mary J Blige song “No More Drama”.  Sometimes women need to separate themselves from the chaos in their lives.  To move on.  Get perspective.  Devise a better long term plan from the ashes of their lives.

It isn’t easy building a business in a recession.  But doing anything creative that allows me to watch over my children and enjoy their childhood is the best reward there is.

Vintage sofa, Acanthus styled by Nordic Black.

Vintage desk and light available at Casa Morada

Barcelona chairs and light, Casa Morada

Whyte & Reid vintage sofa