It’s no coincidence that vintage furniture is a huge trend in interiors right now alongside geometric soft furnishing patterns like honeycomb.  Just as vintage distracts us from the turbulence and disorder of the financial crisis (and this weeks freak weather) so geometrics look to restore order at a time when the present feels beyond our control.

Geometrical forms are here to stay for as long as the world is in chaos.  Farrow and Ball’s spring wallpaper collection is full of geometrics.  Damask just doesn’t resonate right now.

Similarly Zoffany’s most poignant upholstery fabrics are linear patterns in dark dramatic colours with a vintage twist that helps  make them timeless.

I tend to avoid trends (my one exception being vintage) because geometrics feel to too uptight for me and instead add whimsical lighting to prevent rooms resembling cages which can feel prison-like in winter.

In the midst of a Siberian cold snap there’s all the more reason to decorate with added warmth by choosing golden hues to contrast with ink black lines in preference to stark black and white.