One of the most interesting questions posed at yesterday’s Style School was “How can you change the colour scheme in a room every 6 months or so without completely redecorating?”  We change our clothes according to our mood, the time of day and the seasons without completely overhauling our wardrobe so it makes sense to subtley change a room’s colour scheme or accents in between major redecoration projects.

Providing you follow a couple of key design rules this is relatively easy to do.  Keep the basics of your interior neutral and make bold statements with wall art and accessories.  By neutral I don’t mean bland.  Sofas, flooring and walls don’t have to be beige, but reigning in the colour palette by choosing block colour for your basics – dark steely greys, textured black upholstery or soft mink shades which you can then layer with punchier tones or inspirational art, lighting or photography is the key to overhauling a colour scheme quickly.

Nordic interiors do this all the time.  Winter is accessorised with dark throws, candles and cushions in contrast to summer months where candles are white, throws much lighter and paler in tone and the odd cushion and rug is changed to something brighter that suits the summer season.  If you layer your home with carefully chosen accessories it’s easy to change the dominant colour and give the illusion of completely changing the prevailing colour scheme.

You won’t be able to do this as easily if you have brightly patterned furniture, carpets or wallpaper, although it’s not impossible.

You can still dramatically change vibrantly patterned interiors by adding oversized rugs in neutral tones or large overhead lamp shades.  But if you really want to make an impact then you need to change the art in your home.  I do this regularly by leaning prints and posters against walls or bookcases to create a much more relaxed feel.  I like my home looking thrown together, without appearing too chaotic.  I have a lot going on in my interiors, but reigning in the colour palette, using mirrors to create the illusion that rooms are deeper than they are means no space is ever too crazy.

Have a great weekend.