Creating a Stylish Family Home

ImageIt’s a beautiful day today and despite being cold spring feels just around the corner.  I love this time of year when everything is fresh and full of hope and you excitedly make plans for the future.  It wasn’t always so.

I’m especially excited because this week I open my home to those attending Nordic Black’s Style School and I can’t wait to share my experience of transforming Woodlands from a blank magnolia shell of a building to a warm and inviting home.

Living somewhere as beautiful as Woodlands is a great privilege but as anyone living in a large home knows it can also be a nightmare of expense, repairs, snagging, yet more repairs and decorating challenges so daunting decisions are endlessly postponed.  I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved because in the end it’s less about getting it right and more about taking a risk and just going for it.  Taking risks is why I could talk interiors for hours.  I’m not someone that generally plays it safe.  Taking risks with colour in my interiors makes me feel alive because the results are always life changing.

What’s more I did it all myself, followed my gut when it came to things like whether to get curtains and fixed problems everyone said I should just leave. I don’t regret a penny I’ve spent because the overall feeling on entering Woodlands is that I’ve turned what felt like a warehouse into a home.

Most people consider space a luxury.  For me it’s what you do with the space that counts.  I don’t want lots of space if I can’t do something interesting with lighting, because dull flat space, however vast, is a misery to live in.  I literally feel I need medication to live somewhere bland and boring.  I need to add features to a room, to add depth and intrigue and to layer furniture, plants and art against interesting mirror scapes that essentially double the size of the room.  I like to add quirky reindeer skin throws and sculptural candlesticks like antlers.  I like animal shape cushions to reflect the wildlife all around me and I like silk flowers that look real, don’t require watering and tie the colour scheme together.

There’s nothing complicated about my style of interior design, but the effects can transform the way you live. It’s not too late to book a place so come along and learn how to restyle your home.