Helping out at Casa Morada



Working at Casa Morada this week has been a joy.  Witnessing the awe inspired wonder on people’s faces as they walk into this quirky shop on Causewayside, after first peering through the window, is delightful.  You can sense their calm and relief as they drink in the atmosphere and try to work out why they love the space.

Decorating with quirky eclectic lighting, furniture, art and pottery is a difficult look to pull off.  Especially if you do as Eva the owner of Casa Morada did and extend the quirkiness to the walls and flooring.  How do you pull off a look that’s painstakingly thought through that feels relaxed enough to look casually thrown together? Laid back eclectic rooms often fail miserably – somehow evolving from the owner’s original vision to become a space that feels a little crazy, haphazard and literally thrown together.  What some people call eclectic chic can easily descend to shabby s*** not least because if you don’t have much cash, it’s difficult to know where to invest and resist all the cheap finds out there so you can hold out for the one piece of furniture or light installation you truly love and simply can’t live without.  When life is one big rush, how do you resist the 60 second makeover, the making do for now that goes with creating a truly jaw dropping space that you never want to leave?

It isn’t easy, but at Casa Morada, Eva’s pulled it off.

Casa MoradaImageImage