The lies we tell ourselves that matter

IMG_2689I have a very honest relationship with my daughter.  We talk openly about how we don’t get on despite both loving and needing one another very much.  She is jealous of the easy relationship I have with my son, and I can never forget the betrayal I felt when she came home one day from visiting her dad all excited that she’d “spent the day with Cameron Diaz”.  Now I realise she was only little, but as a woman I couldn’t help but wonder “What happened to family loyalty?”  In a rare moment of honesty I could see that just as her dad had replaced me in an instant, she had no problem with the new status quo.

I’m not insecure.  I know I’m pretty, photogenic and despite being widowed with 2 young children am ageing extremely well.  But I don’t care how other people see me, I care how my daughter sees me – and make no mistake, my daughter assesses her self worth and that of others on whether or not they have a boyfriend and when and how they plan to marry.

It’s a sad state of affairs when I know how duplicitous certain men can be and the realities of modern family life.  It’s sad that men lie about their whereabouts, make light of their delusional behaviour and act their way through normal family life. But when the world is full of silly women with intelligent minds, good jobs, desperate to embrace them, is it any wonder they seldom learn and never change?

I don’t feel sorry for Chris Huhne or his family.  They knew this day of reckoning was coming.

Painted dressing table

My daughter’s newly created dressing table.