Broken Bottles

Mondays used to be my most productive day of the week, but after 2 weeks of leafleting Style School flyers in the rain and driving snow, this morning I am thoroughly defeated.

Instead I source products at my breakfast bar listening to Jazz FM and Joss Stones’ Soul Sessions Vol 2 wishing I hadn’t abandoned my singing career at 8.

First up black glitter candles.  Why am I the only person addicted to their theatrical glow?  Why doesn’t every interiors shop stock these little gems as staples?  Once you try them white tealights aren’t the same.

Next up hand blown glass bowls.  I have 10 of these from Gillies Jones.  I bought mine several years ago at an eye-wateringly expensive £79.  A quick check of their website reveals they now retail at £110.  At that price I’d be reluctant to use them as bowls for nibbles at a cocktail party but I’m hoping they’ll agree to produce a smaller version.  It’s the colour I love against black granite work tops or downpipe kitchen walls.  I’m always looking for easy ways to add colour to a space with things people actually need and use in their homes.  It’s all very well adding shots of colour with cushions and candles but if the setting for the room is dull or bland, braver colour options just look out of place.

I’m also sourcing shed antlers to paint for my candle holders.  Antlers are an inexpensive way to add sculpture to a home.  Adding candles gives a dual aspect to their naturally beautiful form.

I’m not sure if it’s the weather but I’m feeling strangely melancholy this morning.  I had a lovely weekend.  My kids both had sleepovers and I cooked non stop for friends.  I guess I miss the need for aloneness that comes with jam packed family life.  But being single in a city as inhospitable as Edinburgh and living behind a 12ft wall in a large detached house with no relatives close by, means at times of inclement weather, aloneness is all there is.