It’s a House . . . Jackass!

My sister’s having storage problems.  The “where do I start? What do I do?  Will anyone even notice if I just give everything to charity?” thoughts that disrupt much needed sleep when moving in with loved ones.

I can see the pain of so much stuff around written across her face.  It slows her down, makes her impatient and prevents her from enjoying what she’d been so looking forward to.  A shared happy home.

I’m not a hoarder.  I have strict rules of conduct for anything inessential that enters my home.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t feel lighter once they’ve bagged up useless items that inadvertently litter precious space.  So I go over the basics of how I keep on top of things before heading to the National Museum of Scotland for the launch of Edinburgh’s 25th International Science Festival.

This museum is so beautiful it inspires me to bring my children back immediately.


ImageNational Museum of Scotland

We live in a world that relies on technologies and science which we the general public little understand.  During the launch I’m reminded that the internet was launched in August 1991, that soon food shortages may require us to eat synthetic food, and that there are seminars on everything from “Would you take a one way ticket to Mars?” to “Are you fit for Orbit”.  But because I’m obsessed with interiors all I can think about is, “I’d love to style that spacecraft”.


My home was built with green technology.  A ground source heat pump feeds the grid in winter.  Grey water is recycled to flush toilets and under floor heating means the house is warm and toasty even when the heating is on low.  Because of its design and technological experiments several individuals embarking on their own self build properties asked to see it before finalising their own grand designs.  They’d ask the strangest questions.

“Do the windows go opaque if you flick a switch?” No. The object of floor to ceiling windows is to let light in not find clever expensive ways to shut it out.

“Do you have underdrive heating?” No.

“What happens if the drive ices over?”  Nothing.  We get a shovel out and break it up, like everyone else.

“Is there a swimming pool?” No

“A wine cellar?” No

“A Jacuzzi?” No.

“A hot tub?” No

“Do the windows clean themselves, water the plants and fold the laundry?” NO!  It’s a house . . . .  Jackass

I’m all for experimenting with new technology and I wish I was less ignorant of fundamental Scientific principles.  But when it comes to where I live I want my house to be a home.