The Music of Chance

20 years ago Paul Auster wrote a tale about a poker game that became an allegory for 3rd world debt.  Since then the West has equally indebted itself with little end in sight.

The story is a simple one.  Jim Nashe squanders a fortune living aimlessly, driving up and down the US.  He picks up a hot headed gambler, Jack Pozzi and the 2 men become indentured to wealthy bachelors they try to beat at their own game.  Losing everything on the turn of a card the men agree to build a wall by way of payback.  The wall is never finished and I won’t spoil the ending except to say there’s an air of foreboding and you know things won’t end well.

It’s a dark tale that if you believe as I do that emerging economies have healthy debt whilst Britain, the US and Europe are clearly ailing and in ill health, provides an apt cautionary tale of how not to live your life.  But whatever your views on the economy, The Music of Chance makes enlightened reading.

Buying expensive things we can’t afford can be a knee jerk reaction to dissatisfaction in our lives.  We want to work less, earn more, live better, live bigger and generally have more status.  Doing what everyone else is doing when it comes to decorating our homes is a great option because no one laughs at you if your home looks like everyone else’s.

I discovered how easy and liberating it is to anchor your home to your identity by adding colour to each room and dark Nordic accessories.  I finally gained the confidence to do something different and make my home a welcome retreat from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  A place to relax and enjoy effortless time with family and friends.

Learning how to subtly introduce colour into your home isn’t rocket science but it is an art.  And Nordic Black’s style school can help you on your way, teach you some tricks of the trade and show how you too can successfully transform your home to a warm sensual space.

I created Nordic Black to embrace the dark stuff in my life.  What started as a blog for tips on adding colour to your home, became a business card and then a website and finally an interior design concept –that subtle colour and dark warm hues work best in cold dark climates.

I’ve learnt to layer my home with things I love, not the latest trends – discovered how to love living with what I have, create what I can’t afford and upcycle vintage pieces to create dramatic focal points that add depth and excitement to each room.

You can learn to do this too, or take a gamble and keep losing at the important things in life to buy things you’ll never need and can’t afford.  Because in life, as with interiors, you can cheat yourself to be a ‘winner’, get creative and be a genuine ‘pioneer’ or do as everyone else is doing and be one of life’s abundant ‘also rans’.