It amazes me how good a thorough spring clean of my home makes me feel.  Finding photos of the kids I didn’t know I had, reliving memories of past events.  That feeling of finally getting on top of things that only ever comes when you’re bagging up the umpteenth plastic bag to give to charity.  It’s liberating sweeping away interior cobwebs, posting barely worn children’s clothes to relatives and finally giving away that dress you can’t fit into.

The great thing about interiors is that you can always improve them, even when you’re broke.  Going over what you have and decluttering is great for releasing interior creativity and I find I get my best ideas during long overdue clearouts (or scrubbing kitchen floors).  Why?  Because clearing out means you’re serious about a project.  You want a clean slate before moving to the next important stage.  You don’t want baggage from your last attempt at decorating cluttering your new ideas. You want a full evaluation of all the stuff in your life so you can hold onto what’s important and give it new prominence in your life.

If you don’t believe me then next time you have a bad week and decide to cheer yourself up by buying an expensive item you’ve been longing to add to your home for months, hold off a weekend longer and have a clear out instead.  Because more important than being happy and buying whatever it is you think you want is cherishing what you have.  Remembering all the good things in your life even when you’ve got the winter blues. You won’t have these things forever so take a moment to cherish them now.  You’ll soon forget that must-have buy and love your home that little bit more.Image