We try. We fail. We try again.

Completely blew my interview with Nick at the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  I was slightly thrown that he was interviewing me from Ibiza and we both got sidetracked on the weather (Ibiza 17 degrees.  Edinburgh – not so much).  Also the line wasn’t the best.  “Fear not”, my executive director friend at the BBC told me on the school run.  “It’s not over til it’s over.  Send him an email with everything you meant to say but didn’t and apologise for giving him the wrong impression.”

I did at least manage to mention my fledgling interiors venture so in the hope that he writes a little about Nordic Black and readers google, me here goes:


I bought Woodlands in July 2008 because the credit crunch meant there weren’t any other crazy bidders. A month earlier period detached properties in the Grange were selling at a huge premium.

Looking back that strategy doesn’t seem so smart.  Something I pointed out to my then partner on numerous occasions until finally he got tired of me started seeing other women and I had to throw him out.

I went back to work in London, commuting to Edinburgh each weekend to see my children, Ama and Lance.  To help pay for this I rented Woodlands out for film and TV shoots which was lucrative and fun.

My ex has now remarried, has a baby on the way and in order to pay for his new life can’t afford to pay for his old.  Hence Woodlands is for sale.

Nordic Black

I created Nordic Black after Stephen Fry’s production company filmed Doors Open here last March.  They covered the main living room with art and offered to repaint it any colour I liked once they’d filled in all the holes.  I chose Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White and watched the room transform.  I vowed to redecorate the rest of the house and enjoyed the experience so much I created an interiors brand to capture my signature style and wholesale the dark home accessories I found it near impossible to find.

Woodlands really is a paradise and it’s a shame it’s just too big.  But I love my work and have to dash now as I’m off to see an artist about creating a range of prints for Nordic Black to sell.