Doing the same thing over again expecting a different result

ImageImageImageSpent most of Sunday exploring freshly pressed on WordPress, updating pinterest and working out what to cover in my Wall Street Journal interview.  2 posts jump out at me both achingly well written and the best masterclasses in writing I’ve come across since Hemmingway.

How to become a Gay prostitute in Denmark reminds me why I need to keep more spreadsheets and keep my business affairs on track.

I didn’t get thin and other fails of 2012 by Thoughts of a Lunatic is so hilarious I want to rewrite everything I’ve written in her uniquely infectious style.

Finding someone else to pay for me is not a career path I would choose despite the legions of people questioning why I won’t remarry. I just know I can do better on my own and having a man around always interferes with that.  It ‘s hard sometimes and despite my children I do get lonely, but I look at friends with all their compromises and think I’ve been given this shot at freedom.  Why try the same thing over again expecting a different result?

Luckily Abigail Ahern’s post What’s going on inspires me to keep designing, keep blogging and generally persevere because I might just possibly be onto something.  Irrespective of whether I actually manage to sell anything I feel energised by my vision of dark stuff everywhere cocooning me in warmth as my house and grounds lie buried in the snow.  I may not live at Woodlands for much longer but the next phase of my creative life will be the best Scottfree production yet.  Happy Monday everyone!