Making it by Faking it

Deeply envious of anyone off to Maison Objet tomorrow but with promotion for my Style School to finalise not to mention products to design, a site to launch and 2 young children to entertain, something had to give.

So since my son’s named after the infamous Tour de France cyclist seeking redemption on Oprah’s sofa, todays interiors post explores legitimate ways to make a great interior by faking it.

Styling is all about deciding on a mood or theme and putting together a look.  In theory this should be easy, but then you go online or shop the High Street and struggle to find affordable things you want.  To style your home successfully you have to get creative, decide where to invest wisely, reassess your ambitions and radically revise your timescale.  You can Get the look you want for less but it’s more a case of getting the look eventually than mission shopping the perfect bedroom on a Saturday afternoon.

Online stores with no High Street presence like Classic Furniture 4U and Milan Direct have transformed the availability and affordability of classic furniture and lighting.  Buying the most expensive replicas you can afford ensures the furniture will look as good as the originals but bear in mind that many factories in China sub contract and quality can vary.

Online stores are marginally more inspiring than physical furniture stores and much as I hate Ikea when it’s busy you can’t beat it when it’s quieter for affordable room displays that inspire or for essentials like tealights, Kentia plants and stuff you’d rather not spend money on.  I’ve no idea why more interior designers and furniture stores can’t pull displays off more effectively.  If I’m not inspired by their shop I’m hardly going to get them to design my home.

Faux fireplaces leaning up against a wall are an easy way to create much needed focal points in bedrooms or modern houses. Paint them with leftover paint from your wall so they blend in and gilt them with Ardenbright gold paint for added decorative flair.  Adding obvious fake touches to your home like faux fur throws, animal cushions and book recesses filled with fire wood give instant warmth and a cosy lived in feel as well as camouflaging old furniture you want to re-upholster or replace. Silk flowers are a great way to go if you travel a lot, work long hours or like to entertain without much preparation.

Tomorrow’s post will look at finishing touches.  The fun part of accessorising your home with quirky finds that pull a room together.  Because as with all major projects, you need a plan of action, to visualise your goals, assiduously do your research and experiment with faking it while you discover what makes you happy.  I’m guessing that’s what Lance did.  Luckily interior styling isn’t a professional sport.

Painted faux fireplace

Black cat cushionBedroom