Panic buying someone else’s lifestyle

Sometimes you know instantly when something’s right. I wrote the copy for my website at 2am this morning having pondered what to say for weeks and sketching out my thoughts right here on this blog.    Miraculously I summarise what Nordic Black, interior styling and embracing dark stuff is all about and my long suffering graphic designer Juliana is no longer bombarded with inarticulate off-the-wall ideas.  Finally my ramblings come together.  What’s more my black glitter tea light candles arrive and I light 3 immediately to test how well they burn.

Articulating the difference between interior design and interior styling isn’t easy.  Styling’s something anyone can do.  Essentially it’s an interesting point of view on what’s already out there, with a few homegrown flourishes (known as ‘stylist’s own’).  But helping others develop individual interpretations of interiors’ trends and decorating themes to create something new entirely is very different from paying homage to good interior photos ripped from magazines, or mass interpretation of aspirational lifestyles. It’s about living more successfully with what you have, creating your own interiors identity and filling your home with visual post-it notes of what you love.  It’s about creating a home that both comforts and inspires and helps you to relax.  It’s less about buying things and more about locking down the ambience you want each room to have.

It’s about embracing who you are, acknowledging the people and things you want around you – creating a home environment that enables you to live, love and relax more successfully without selling up and moving somewhere else entirely. It’s a journey of interior self-discovery that blocks out the urge we all succumb to occasionally – panic buying someone else’s lifestyle.

Interior styling requires you to stop and re-evaluate your interiors.  If you truly hate the way you live it can lead to re-evaluating your life, your values and even your central relationships.

A lot can be achieved in lazy Sunday afternoons, but essentially interiors that work take time and patience.  It may take years to find out what you love and how you really want to live but in the meantime you can cosy up your home with inexpensive home accessories.

Quirky things transform a home if the basic colour scheme is there, but there’s more to it than choosing cushions, finding curtains and panic buying candles.  It’s about deciding on the mood you want each room to have, creating effective lighting and adding depth to rooms with mirrors so furniture and accessories have twice the impact and add new drama.

It’s what you do with what you have that counts not what you buy, or what you own.  I’m forever moving things around until they find their natural home.  Rearranging what I have, making mental notes of what I need so I can browse eclectic vintage shops and mission shop when funds allow.

Don’t covet other people’s lifestyles or interiors.  Be brave.  Create your own.

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