When Life is Black and White


Reading Abigail’s blog this morning I realise why interiors excite me so.  It’s January, I’m full of life, have already composed this piece, written the copy for my Interior Styling School, rephotographed the sitting area in my kitchen and written several emails to prospective candle makers requesting quotes and lead times for Nordic Black designs. I was never this productive before 9am when I worked in financial services and I thought that was hardworking.

I’ll be posting lots more photos of my home later this week as Jane Bowman who photographed my home for Scotland on Sunday’s At Home magazine has very kindly agreed to send me the disk with over 80 shots.  The Scotsman website has the wrong photos attached to the piece when I last checked first thing this morning, but don’t worry.  I’m about to fix that!

Her post today was on why black and white work well together and make everything you put on rugs or floors seem instantly more expensive.  I can barely contain my excitement as I realise why my kitchen works so well.  I’ve added a black strip of wall to accentuate the velvet vintage Zophany sofa and accessorised it with a black industrial floor light from Acanthus.  I’m desperate to add the black birdcage chandelier from Time and Tide but always like to wait awhile before buying larger items to ensure I truly love them.

I’m reminded why when I go to weddings I take black and white photos which the happy couple always love more than professional colour shots taken by the photographer.

Sadly I’ve a funeral on Saturday where we’re all be wearing black.  But I’ve been told the celebration afterwards will be anything but sombre (or perhaps that should be sober).  Dark stuff happens in life, but life is always to be celebrated.  Even if at first death appears to seem a tragedy.  Celebrate the life you have, never covet someone else’s.  Life gets increasingly dark as we get older, but we should celebrate the good stuff and embrace the things we’re powerless to change, including death – the darkest moment of them all.

So here it is.  The black and white space that makes the transition from kitchen to garden room look infinitely more expensive and sophisticated than it is.  And another showing of the vintage painted black and white floorboards I saw recently at a friends coffee morning.  I’m going to do this to my hall.


Happy Wednesday everyone!