Winter Blues


Sprang out of bed this morning wondering how to banish winter blues.  Luckily my favourite photo blogs Happily Grey and Hikingphoto posted dramatic photos overnight of midnight skiing in Banff (Hikingphoto) and cool fashion pics (Happily Grey).  I felt I’d had my fix of winter sports and fashion so now it’s down to business.

I’ve set myself a photo challenge. There’s an abandoned suite of furniture in the forest by my house and I’m going to photograph it like I would my home. My kids and I will decorate it and see what we come up with.

For all my love of interiors, nature’s what inspires me.  I love nothing more than planting out a garden with inexpensive, half dead plants from Homebase to see what they’ll thrive into.  How the sun and rain will shape them over time and flourish when I’m absent or not looking.

What I love about this house is how the seasons and the daylight are the backdrop for my rooms.  No wallpaper or paint colour can compete with snow capped peeks of the Pentlands in winter and dense green woods in summer.  I love the bare skeletal trees surrounding my house right now and plan to make a forest of silver birch candles for Nordic Black.

Which brings me to the point of today’s post.  Surround yourself with what inspires you and you’ll feel less lost and out of sorts when dark stuff circles overhead.  Creativity is the best response to stress and drawing comfort from your surroundings with friends is better than finding secret comfort in the kitchen.