We all have mundane aspects to our lives but there’s something about the office that banishes creativity at the reception desk and regulation fire proofed door.  I don’t know why so many offices are uniformally uninspiring but if you’re reading this at work, look around you.  See? They are.

Filmed interiors are different. I watch Borgen and The Killing as much for the interiors as for the drama.  I love The Killing’s dark industrial look where even the dingiest CID office inspires me.  The lavish homes and ministerial buildings are every bit as sumptuous as you’d expect but what I didn’t expect was the clever use of colour.

No one layers white interiors like the Nordics and apparently no one pulls off colour like them either.  Danes don’t do cushions.  Their sofas rarely need them.  Everything in Nordic homes is so considered there’s nothing gauche to hide.  Perhaps that’s why I love them so.  There’s nothing lurking behind curtains.  All that angst and pain laid bare for all to see.

One interior struck me in particular.  A touching scene in The Killing where the divorced millionaire shipping couple are discussing their daughter’s death.  Their anguish at this point is heart breaking and if the conversation were taking place in a kitchen with cold harsh surfaces they would simply break and crumple into shards of grief and loss.  Instead the interior of the room is sumptuous and comforting. Dark greeny blue walls with orange lamps a moody blue grey sofa and a chocolate brown bureau.  The colours are both sublime and instantly soothing.  As if decorated to cope with the parted couple’s loss.

This is why interiors are important.  Because life isn’t one long celebration.  Dark stuff happens and our passions are often the only thing that keep us going as we reel from unexpected setbacks or major bumps in what can be a bumpy road.

Passion is the thing that wakes us up in the morning, drives us on, nourishing our minds in ways no gourmet meal, exotic break or mystery male admirer can.

Because in life, as with interiors, you can’t always run away from things.  Sometimes you have no other choice but to stay put, find a way to work things out and literally paint or paper over cracks.   Our passions are what keep us going  What stops us giving up during intense periods of drama.  Sometimes the function of an interior is to literally envelop you and stop you breaking.