Reaching for the stratosphere trying to be heard

Just before Christmas I emailed the editor of Style magazine, Tiffanie Darke, to see if there was any interest in the online magazine syndicating a version of my blog.  What the hell, I thought.  Wouldn’t Style readers love to read about my life?  Isn’t every woman grappling with how to spend quality time with friends and loved ones, see more of their children and have fulfilled working lives?  Don’t they need tips on wealth creation so they can afford a taste of Style’s aspirational lifestyle?  I can write.  I have stuff to say.  I may just be a blogger but I’m still reaching for the stratosphere trying to be heard.

I grew up reading Style and still read it every Sunday.  It’s a magazine that’s grown with me, I’m not ashamed to be seen with or admit to reading.  Other than Style I read the Economist and FT.  It’s the only way to stay reliably informed although I like The Guardian every now and then for balance.

I’ll follow up with Tiffanie on Monday when she’ll hopefully be back in her office or at least be checking emails.  I also need to email Fiona Reid.  I’d like her to consider ending my piece in Scotland on Sunday “Nnena is selling Woodlands to focus on her interior brand Nordic Black (

Which reminds me.  I’d dearly love a design or architecture intern at ease with social media.  What with painting furniture, sourcing product, making chandeliers there’s too much work for 1 person.  It would be great to have an enthusiastic extra pair of hands.  I need to focus, delegate and generally move forward on all fronts.  Someone one young with oodles of enthusiasm to help me progress my designs and most importantly my website.

I fear I might be drowning but I’ve so much energy, passion and enthusiasm for Nordic Black I know I’ve no other choice but to carry on.