Creating a buzz and customer focused publicity

Elated with my home’s performance in last night’s drama, I feel the need to paint something.  Two possibilities present themselves.  I’m ecstatic with the chandelier I’ve upcycled for my son’s underwater themed room and would love to do another.  This requires a second and third wall painted blue, something I’ve been itching to do for ages.

The other, simpler, task is painting my bedroom fireplace white.  I’d really like to distress it but that’s a difficult look to achieve in a carpeted room wallpapered and painted to perfection.  So I may just opt for white with sublte gilting (if the finished piece feels too flat and 2 dimensional).

I love this aspect of my work.  Finding things to make and paint and do.  It’s exhilarating thinking of inexpensive ways to add pizzazz to your home.  Watching last night’s drama reminded me just how far I’d come.  There really is no stopping me and now my home’s had centre stage in a primteime Christmas drama and is appearing in a property supplement I should advertise my styling skills and raise awareness of my venture.  I want to show people how they too can transform their homes with colour by embracing hostile winter months with dark painted walls and layered texture that creates a welcome, cosy greeting when they return from work each evening.

I thought about the copy for my campaign during yesterday’s run.  I’d charge a fiver on the door (to ensure I’m not completely mobbed) provide free tea and coffee, mini muffins or homemade shortbread and give a guided tour of key rooms.  I’ll sell blackboard paint and Eva’s wire candleholders and candle wine bottles and a stash of black glitter tealights.  I’ll also paint some antlers (hopefully I can source them competitively y then) and do my utmost to finish a second chandelier.

Reading end of year Sunday supplements and reviews of the year by the fire has reinstated my belief in my business model.  Retail businesses are running into difficulty faster than ever.  New ways of doing business will be developed by our tablet savvy children and we, the adults living through this technological revolution must do more than muddle through if we’re to survive a changing High Street and flagging economy.

I intend to do this by finding new ways to provide services to the relatively wealthy.  I’m no longer phased by not having a shop.  Or my plan to sell affordable luxury items that need to be delivered safely to my customers.  Online business is the future, and though I’m not a pioneer I’ve no intention to cling onto an increasingly unprofitable and outmoded way of business.  Good photography, customer relations (as opposed to traditional public relations) coupled with amazing products, website and reputation, for me at least, are definitely the way forward.

Upcycled chandelier with LED lights