Creating muted rooms with intrigue

There’s something about nature that calms the spirit and soothes the soul.  I use nature’s colours all the time to pull my colour schemes together, particularly green, blue and gold.  I’m not a fan of beige muted tones but like the calm such rooms create.  A more interesting way to achieve a similar effect is adding soft blues and brushed, muted golds.  I then add lots of greenery by way of flowers or kentia plants in woven baskets to gently layer the room and soften the mix.  Reflecting plants in mirrors creates a more opulent, lush effect and it’s this abundance of visual trickery that makes sparse uncluttered rooms seem finished, even when they’re not.

Blue vase

Corners, along with ceilings are some of the most neglected parts of rooms.  I decorate mine to the max to add competing focal points to fireplaces or desks.  Modern homes have lower ceilings so I add low hanging chandeliers in corners and treble their beauty with sets of matching panel mirrors.  Adding corner art or quirky drawings is another decorating trick.  What can seem bland and boring above a fireplace, sofa or in the middle of a wall adds visual intrigue hung in unexpected places.  Dull gilt frames create square suns and add winter sparkle on frosty dark days. Brushed aluminium or silver is much harsher and never has the same effect

I’ve a lot going on in this tiny corner of my guest bedroom, flowers, corner art, table lamp, stuff.  But something else is sorely needed to balance the beauty of the Bang and Olufson TV to the right and I’ve found just the beaded chandelier.