LA3D – Life after debt, divorce and disaster

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  1. Hi Nnena, I have no doubt that creating a home can transform the way you feel and that it should be cossetting and cosy. I was drawn into Casa Morada, as a refuge on my walkabouts, to unravel what it was that made such a beautiful shop and part of that was, as you say, the unusual lights, vintage furniture, patinated walls and earthy colours. I need to go back to explore further. I enjoyed meeting you and Eva as I sensed we were all passionate about creating and recreating. As it turned out, what lifted the spirits was the warm chat and I started to dream about how, if my life went into 1D- Disaster mode of no job, I could create a pop-up cafe maybe in the back room! Maybe I could help anyway? I enjoyed reading your thoughts as you work out your new life and I think it’s great to follow your bliss.

    I am just reminded in my ramblings of the only time I explored darkness with interiors when I was a young student and the artist in my flat painted walls, ceiling and floor and deep, dark petrol blue-grey. He put up old cream venetian blinds that he found in a skip, staged floor lighting and installed a broken motorbike and bed in the middle of the room – very camp and dramatic. I think he went on to a career in film set design on Caravaggio and his name was Derek Brown.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I very much enjoyed meeting you too. We should definitely explore working together if your current plans don’t work out and leave a door open for a new opportunity. As it happens, set design is what sparked my passion for interiors. My home is featured in Doors Open based on the Ian Rankin novel on Boxing Day, ITV1 at 9pm I think. I decided to rent it out as a set location partly to gain additional revenue but also to see how set designers would transform the space. It was one of the best things I ever did.

      1. Nnena, you should check out Derek Brown Production Designer in Hastings. The miracle of Google has reaquainted me with the young student at Glasgow School of Art. Look under contacts and his blog page for lots of visual ideas and links – there is even an all-dark-grey room. I loved the rustic house and wooden tub in Hastings and feel like I could build a cabin from the Cabinporn website. I hope it sparks your imagination.

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