New dawn, new day, new life.

4 thoughts on “New dawn, new day, new life.”

  1. I eagerly await your Nordic Black posts. They are, in turns, interesting, funny, thought provoking and varied. But most importantly, they are an insight into the mind of a friend I do not get enough chances to see.
    How do you think black candles would look in my gaff? Not great, I grant you, but it’s perfect for your superb home.

    1. Delighted you enjoy them. Black candles are a metaphor – for trying new things, embracing change and living with dark aspects of your life and personality instead of trying to erase them. My home is lovely now but wasn’t always so. I had a vision and made it happen, then watched that vision develop into something bigger – Nordic Black. Black candles remind me not only of my vision for my brand, but more importantly that I need to meet up with friends more. Let’s get together before Christmas.

  2. You’re doing great–you have wonderful energy and enthusiasm and you’ll attract what you want/need. Hang in there!

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