Swedish House Mafia

Downpipe kitchenPeople often ask me “What’s the philosophy behind Nordic Black?”  Besides the fact that my mother’s Danish and my father black, Nordic Black is clearly my identity.   It’s also about embracing darkness.  The black things in your life and not choosing to live in boring neutral tones or an anaemic white cloud.  It’s about bringing colour into your life.  Toning things up a notch or two rather than toning things down.  It’s the antithesis of bland.  About adding dark exotic spice and mixing things up.

I don’t want the things I love or my personality to be tolerated or tamed in anyway. I prefer to be embraced of course but if tolerance through clenched teeth is the alternative then frankly I’d rather be hated.

Fire signs are known for their extreme passion and I love the depth of feeling and expression that involves.  I harbour a deep hatred towards my children’s father and I hope he does me.  It proves I loved him once despite no longer being able to recall those feelings.  I don’t care what he does now but I hate him for the way we ended things.  It wasn’t fitting for someone who gave him the single two most precious things in his life.  He will have other children and I’ve no doubt other wives and countless lovers, but what we had began as something special, gave birth to something wonderful and then became bland.

Nordic Black is not for the fainthearted.  You need to make bold decisions and have courage and strength to stick with it.  And if you hate it or it doesn’t work out you can learn from your mistakes be wiser for the experience and move on with dignity.  You can say to yourself “I tried”.