Swedish House Mafia

4 thoughts on “Swedish House Mafia”

  1. Hey, I clicked thru from Abigail’s site, and as I’m browsing through your blog I realize that we were in the retail class together! Remember me? The one from Barcelona? I’m lovin’ your site and will now start following you. Good luck bringing Scotland over to the dark side! Cheers, Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy, yes I remember you, thanks for getting in touch. Delighted you clicked through and like my site. It’s early days but I’m going to Maison Objet in January and will open a pop up store next year while I source and wholesale my own designs. Will send you some samples next year so you can give me feedback on my products. Let me know how your venture’s going. We need all the support and encouragement we can get. Nnena

  2. Maison&Objet–how fun! Let us know what you see there, would love to go, and yes, we need all the support we can get. Keep me posted and I’ll be checking in on your progress (yes, I’ll get my site together soon too!). Tracy

  3. I asked Abigail’ assistant to circulate the slides from her retail class to everyone. It has the ecommerce web builder sites you can use. So now we’ve no excuse to have websites up and running by Easter!

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