Black Friday

Woke up late to pitch blackness and crisp snow on the ground.  A perfect Nordic Black start to the day.

Unfortunately my son is ill and their dad (who is holidaying with his pregnant wife) is insisting his mother take my daughter to her tennis tournament tomorrow.  I remind him that the last time she helped out when the kids were sick she arrived wearing a face mask having made an emergency appointment with a Dr (FOR HERSELF!!!) in case she became contaminated.  Adult narcissism is draining when you have two small children.  It also tends to run in families.  Between their dad’s obsession with himself, his body, his tennis, his career, his sport, his destiny  . . . oh the list is endless) and his mother’s obsession with herself, her life, her tennis . . . . you can see why I left him.

I decide to cheer myself up by painting something black.  I could paint a table top or finish the antler candlesticks I’m painting Victorian purple but after the success of yesterday’s photoshoot I think I’m going to paint a wall.  Blue back perhaps or railings.

I’m inspired by my weekly Pinspiration (Pinterest), the success of a bathroom I painted downpipe and a new TV pilot I’ve submitted my home to for consideration.  The producers are looking for Britain’s most unique and extraordinary homes.  Walls covered with prized possessions, reflecting a love of sci-fi or princess fairytales.  “Anything but beige” reads the publicity material.  I’m not sure my home fits any of those categories but I have certainly dared to be different and my living room does reflect my brief obsession with Game of Thrones (there’s something about Sean Bean in wolf’s clothing).  So you never know.

Can’t reveal too many photos from yesterday’s photoshoot which will appear in January hopefully but here’s a sneak peak.  Have a fab Friday everyone and if you’ve nothing planned this weekend “paint something dark” (Abigail Ahern).  You’ll feel so much brighter Monday morning.