Nattergalen – The Nightingale

Some homes are gilded cages from which it’s difficult to escape.  Their owners charm a special bird and dazzle her with promises of love and warmth and shelter and never having to concern herself with what’s outside.  But homes should not be cages and birds should never be locked up.  No matter how rare or tantalising their beauty or ravishing their song.

Colour, flowers and whimsical unexpected touches in a home attracts interesting people and creates its own beauty.  There’s no requirement to buy it so you can hang it ostentatiously on a wall.  Beautiful rooms ebb and flow and are ever changing, like the seasons.  A little chaos in the mix stops rooms feeling ‘forced’ or ‘put together’.  There should be a constant stream of new finds, exotic buys and daring pieces that push the boundaries.  Rooms should entice of their own accord and invite you to linger without recourse to lock and key or other barracuda tactics.  You should love coming back to your home and spend many pleasurable hours snuggled up in it.  Then spend yet more entertaining or celebrating at home in it with friends.  But if you never want to leave and move on there’s something wrong.

I rarely sit comfortably in homes that are a fortress to good taste.  Because the homes I enjoy spending time in, (much like the friends I like spending time with), are an eclectic mix of things their owners love, stumbled upon or never quite got round to throwing out.

The Nightingale by H C Andersen, illustration by Pedersen