Money can’t buy you love

4 thoughts on “Money can’t buy you love”

  1. Hi Nnena! I am up early – have had a good night’s rest. I am thinking of your birthday. I never forget the Sunday you were born – it was snowing quietly in East London at Forest Gate maternity hospital, which of course is now no longer there. But the lovely Irish midwife stood by me all 12 hours – and the nurses who took care of you and me were so nice too. It gave us a good start you and me!! And now we have known each for 43 years!! Have a very good day in London!
    kærligst mor

    1. I never tire of hearing how it was snowing in November. It never snows in London now. I’m in Hackney close to Stratford drinking coffee at Wilton Way Cafe. We did have a good start . . . and a middle . . . and we’ll have an equally good end. KH Nnena

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