Do I do

People often say to me “don’t worry, you’ll find someone”, which always makes me laugh.  Half my married friends wish they weren’t and all my divorced friends are delighted to be single.  There are plenty of unattached men in the world but very few worth getting married to.

Which is precisely how I feel about wallpaper.  At anything from £20-300 a roll you need to choose your paper wisely.  Some you hate instantly.  Others grow on you and occasionally you come across one that makes you tingle, squeal with delight and begin to sense might transform your life.  This is exactly what happened when I stumbled across Zoffany’s Le Temple De Jupiter.

Zoffany's Le Temple De Jupiter
Zoffany’s Le Temple De Jupiter

I knew instantly it was the look I was going for.  Fortunately I could buy it at Acanthus without going on a date.  And so began a love affair with my bedroom – somewhere I’d previously been unable to sleep comfortably.  I’d changed my bed, my partner, my furniture, the lighting, added a fireplace and flowers experimented with rugs, added yet more flowers, and yet it wasn’t until I dramatically changed the walls that I felt the room transform from something sterile to a romantic space I loved and wanted to sleep in.

Woodlands Master bedroom
Woodlands Master bedroom

Which brings me to the point of today’s post.  When it comes to wallpaper choose wisely, even if it means living without making a final commitment for a while.  Great wallpaper is worth waiting around for until something truly amazing takes your breath away.